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About Hindustan Football Club

Hindustan FC, the current Champion (2010) and Joint Champion (2009) of Delhi Senior Division League, is a Delhi-based football club with a rich tradition of football. Hindustan FC is in existence for the last 61 years and is widely recognized for its innovative approach to the game. Hindustan FC was the first club in Delhi to successfully pursue corporate sponsorship in 1996 for the benefit of its players while looking for ways to identify and nurture local talent. Hindustan FC is a registered organization and has been granted Income Tax exemption by the Income Tax department after a thorough scrutiny of the club’s records.

The club and its interests have been sponsored by prominent companies and multinationals in India including Coca-Cola, Electrolux, Group 4 Securicor, Phoenix Shoes, ONGC and SAIL. This sponsorship has helped the club attract new talent and retain existing talent by providing financial incentives, better practice facilities, football kit and professional coaching to players.

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Hindustan FC recruits local talent from various football-playing states in India as well as from other countries. Players from countries as diverse as Brazil, France, Nigeria, the Benin Republic, and Ghana have all donned Hindustan FC colors. These international players bring diversity and talent to the team and help raise the standard of play to a higher level by providing vital international exposure to our domestic talent

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